Carpe Diem. This is how I look at life. Each moment presents opportunity to experience this unique and amazing life in an emotional and meaningful way. Seize the day to enrichment.    

I have had the privilege to meet amazing people in my journey thus far. From DJing on progressive radio at KYMC in St. Louis, MO to friends in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, I have fed on that marrow - as a teacher once said.

Through meeting people and taking time to learn as much as possible along the way, I have found that each moment has given me a chance to grow and experience something new. Not that this has always been easy. I went from being a shy Midwesterner to an outgoing and achieving man who refuses to accept limits in growth and accomplishment.

Passion is what drives me. Passion to succeed. Passion to challenge myself. Passion to learn. Passion to spirituality. Passion to love.

The pages that follow show some snippets that give you a glimpse into Paul Alley, or you could say, some Paulism. There is some Duran Duran and other music. There are some vacations abroad. There are some other life milestones. There is me. Welcome.

Snippets of My Life

carpe diem

the four agreements

crisis = opportunity

karma knows

being boring